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It’s Okay to Readjust

You win some and You lose some 

I think it’s time for a reset 

I am 10 weeks in to my 14 week training block 

But I think my traveling, interrupted workouts, lack of sleep (mostly getting 3 hours a night) over the last month have finally taken their toll on my running 

I should have easily been able to do my workout run today (5 min WU; 4 min. @ 9:00 pace; 2 min. @ 8:30 pace; 10 x 400m @ 8:00 pace w/ 1 min rests; 10 min CD) 

While I was on pace until I hit rep 5 of 10 it was hard the whole way and then I just couldn’t keep the pace on my reps 

I finished the time and mileage but I slowed to an easy pace and had to mentally fight to keep running the whole time 

While it’s disappointing that I am so close to completing my goal, my long term vision Is way more important 

I think two weeks off of running with an intentional focus on sleep and workouts is necessary 

Remember there is nothing wrong with readjusting and recommitting 

As long as you are working towards that long-term goal you are still on track 

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