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Create Your Day Intentionally

The best way to predict the future is to Create  it 

Abraham Lincoln 

We could wake up and just let the day happen to us…That is how most people operate 

We have things on our To-Do list 

We have an undesired schedule to keep 

Things continually just come up that we have to handle 

But this type of life leads to frustration and resentment 

It’s way more fun to be intentional about how you want your life to look and feel 

Intentionality starts with our thoughts 

Because the Thoughts we Believe will Create our Emotions 

Our Emotions drive the Actions we take 

And our Actions Create the Life we Live  

Intentionally decide ahead of time what you want your day to look like 

Intentionally decide ahead of time how you want to feel throughout your day 

Intentionally decide ahead of time what you are going to believe 

Does this mean everything will be rainbows and daisies and we will never have to do anything we don’t want to? 

Absolutely not! 

Let’s be realistic and not live in fantasy land 

I am not preaching that 

I am encouraging you to intentionally choose your realistic reality 

It is available to you 

It is possible 

You just have to make conscious choice to achieve it 

Let’s do it together! 

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