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Be Aware of the Excuses You Are Making

If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse ―Jim Rohn 

This is absolutely true 

And it is so helpful for us to be aware of 

We all have things we “wish” we would do or “want” to do 

Notice if this is you with something in your life 

Take time to look for the excuses you are making 

Most often it surrounds around time, energy, or money 

There are ways to overcome all three of these, you just have to open your mind to possibilities  

Sometimes we say we want to do something 

But it is a lie we are telling ourselves, really it just “sounds good” 

This is a heavy lie we carry though because it causes shame and guilt 

The funny things is 

As soon as we admit the real truth 

(That it would be nice if we did it; we might feel better if we did it; but we don’t really want to do what we have to do, to do it) 

When we own that truth 

The guilt and shame subsides 

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