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Detach From The Outcome

Detach from the outcome…I’ve been telling myself this for the last couple weeks as my half marathon approached…

👉🏻 I’ve shown up

👉🏻 I’ve put in the work

👉🏻 I’ve been consistent

The rest is what it will be…

What was it??

I missed my A goal by 2min 36sec 😔

I missed my B goal by 1min 13sec 😔

I completed a goal I didn’t even have, yet I am SO unbelievably happy with it 😁

I had my first ever negative split (for non-runners, that means my second half was faster then my first half) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 even after all the pounding of the steep down hill I felt SO strong and continued to pick up my pace to the very end…I even had a little race with a guy to the finish line and we tied 😄

Detach from the outcome (whatever you are working towards)…it means nothing about who you are OR your worth 😘

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