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When We Stop Lying To Ourselves

If this is the story you are telling yourself…

I don’t have time to take care of myself 

I don’t have the support from my spouse 

My kids are too young, I have to wait until they are older 

My husbands never gonna change 

I’m too tired; too exhausted; too overwhelmed 

I have too much on my plate 

Just know…It’s all a lie 

It’s just a story we tell ourselves 

The truth is…you may “want”, “wish”, or are “interested” in taking care of yourself, but you aren’t Committed to making it happen, and that’s okay, but stop lying to yourself (it’s a lot less painful then) 

Because The other truth is…if we just took care of ourselves and our needs, then we would have the energy we want 

We would have the time we want 

We would be less overwhelmed 

We would be less stressed 

Nobody needs to change for that to happen 

We just need to be willing to do the “hard things” until they aren’t hard any more 

I know how good it feels on the other side of “hard” 

To wake up early or stay up late or find the time in the middle of my day to give to myself, it’s a beautiful thing 

To wake up and enjoy my spiritual routine, not for anyone else, but for me, it’s a beautiful thing 

To wake up and enjoy a morning practice of journaling, dreaming about my dreams, getting my mind in the right space and doing that for me, it’s a beautiful thing 

To wake up early and do my morning workout because I know it makes me feel good, because I know it makes me happy, because I know it puts me in the right place, and other people benefit from that, it’s a beautiful thing 

If you are ready to move from “wanting”, “wishing”, or “interested” to Committed I can help 

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Invest in Yourself Register Now and take the first steps toward a healthier, happier you...  

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