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The Contrast to the 50/50 of Life

Today is a visual and emotional representation on the Contrast of the 50/50 of Life 😃🥺

My heart is pained with deep sadness and worry 💔 instead of ignoring it or avoiding it, I am freely letting the tears flow as they come 😢

My mind was happy as I ran in the coolness of the 50 degree, cloudy weather and took in the sweet aroma of the blossoming trees 🥰

The darkness of the clouds emulates the heaviness in my heart ♥️ and the tiredness my body feels after only 3 hours of sleep 😴

The rising of the sun and the blossoms on the trees remind me of the beauty of new life and the promised blessings from my Heavenly Father 🥰

I am accepting and leaning in to all of it, instead of resisting or avoiding

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