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Nothing is Possible without Self-Accountability

Nothing is possible without Self-Accountability 

If you don’t do it for yourself, it’s not sustainable 

You might handle it for a while, but eventually you will become: angry, resentful, exhausted, overwhelmed, burned out, depressed, frustrated, etc. 

Sustainability in your actions is the most important factor to your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health 

Here are some things to keep in mind: 

Know what you want and be very specific with measurable items (our brain just spins with generalities, but it goes to work with specifics, but it also needs to see progress) 

Be honest and let go of pride (stop looking at other people and thinking you “should” be like them…what CAN YOU do and maintain) 

Give compassion (you will never be 100% perfect and that’s okay…let’s strive for 80%-90% that’s good enough) 

Use your time wisely and schedule everything you want to do in a day (this will conserve brain energy because you won’t be worried every 5 min. About what you “should” be doing) 

Don’t overcommit, spread things out and plan for down-time and self-care time (one of our biggest waste of times is over scheduling ourselves to the point we become overwhelmed and we do nothing) 

Reflect on your process and celebrate what’s working (take time to examine how things are working and adjust where necessary) 

As you work on Self-Accountability You will gain awareness of yourself, create better goals, have increased motivation, build self-confidence, build a resilient, growth mindset, learn from mistakes, develop trust in yourself, and create a deep, healthy relationship with yourself 

Self-Accountability is one of the greatest skills you can gain 

If you need help, I am here and know how to get you there 

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