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How Do We Prioritize Ourselves

If we want to prioritize ourselves, to fill our cup, so we can give to others in the way we want…then we can’t beat ourselves up for not prioritizing ourselves, it’s counterintuitive…I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I promise it is!

Think about it…

If we have a goal to do X and we aren’t currently doing X, us thinking about ourselves in a negative way isn’t going to improve the situation…guilt = shame, shame = hiding, hiding = no goal met

So, how do we start prioritize ourselves???

It’s all about our thoughts 🤔 Because our thoughts are what create our feelings ♥️ And our feelings drive our actions 🥰 And our actions are what create the results we get in life 🥰

When we live our life in a way that aligns with who we want to be, it improves our mind, body, and spirit 🥰 Let me help you get there…

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