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Which Story Are You Believing?

We Believe Our Story’s As If They Are Just Facts 🧐

Which one do you believe…

I don’t have time for me because:

👉🏻 There is already too much on my To-Do list

👉🏻 Mom Guilt—my families needs come before mine

👉🏻 Focusing on Myself is Selfish

👉🏻 It’s Expensive to be healthy

👉🏻 It take a lot of time and effort

👉🏻 It’s hard to be healthy

👉🏻 There is too much information

👉🏻 I don’t know where to start

I believed ALL of these for years!!!

Until I finally didn’t. I wanted something different. I needed something different.

I was able to improve a lot of things on my own 🙂

👉🏻 I started eating better

👉🏻 I started exercising

👉🏻 I found Jesus Christ

But, I was still stuck feeling overwhelmed, resentful, and stressed about many things in my life 🤔

Until I found Life Coaching 🙌🏻

Then my mind was opened to a whole new perspective about how our brain works and how the Thoughts we think Impact our Lives 😁

As a Life Coach, I am trained to help you watch your thoughts and find the facts vs your story, so you can get traction on the change you want in your life.

You can create whatever life you want, and I would be honored to create it with you 😘

Click on the link in my bio and request your Free Consult OR Sign-Up for my 6 Week Course for Tired Moms on How to Stop Ignoring Yourself and Stop Resenting Your Family 😃

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