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What's In A Question?

What is in a question?

Have you ever noticed how your brain reacts when a question is asked in 2 different ways?

The phrasing of the question can cause our brain to look for something completely different…fascinating!!

For instance…if I ask you…

How much joy is there in your life?


How much are you enjoying your life?

What do you notice?

For me, the first question causes my brain to automatically look for the joy in my life vs. the second question causes me to examine my life as a whole and it takes more time to come to where I am finding joy 🤔🤔🤔

Questions are SO important and how they are asked

As a Life Coach, I am trained to ask important questions and allow your brain to pull out it’s own wisdom

Whether you are trying to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually I’ve got you

When we live our lives in a way that aligns with who we want to be, it improves our mind, body, and spirit

I can help

Click on the link in my bio and request your Free Consult

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