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Unhappiness Isn't Requires

Did you know you don’t have to be unhappy to want to change something in your life?

Say what?!?!

I know, I know, it seems silly or selfish or maybe unreasonable to want to put time and energy into changing something if you aren’t unhappy, but hear me out…

As a runner, I have never been unhappy with my performance, but I have wanted to continually change and improve different aspects of my running (pace, distance, elevation gain)

As a mortgage loan officer of 17 years, I had a thriving business and wasn’t unhappy, but my priorities changed and I found a passion in a new career, so I quit and I am building a business from the ground up again

I love my current house, neighborhood, and friends, but within the next 5 years I will have a home on large acreage with no neighbors, so we can be more self sufficient

3 years after my divorce I was living a pretty perfect life, other than not having a companion, yet I sold everything I owned and moved across the ocean to see if I could make a new relationship work

Change Doesn’t Require Being Unhappy, Change Just Requires A Desire

As a Life Coach, I am trained to help you look at your current beliefs. You can create whatever life you want, and I would be honored to create it with you!

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