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These Are Terrible Thoughts

Do you know what I think are some terrible thoughts to think…?

I should put my spouse/kids needs before mine…😟 👉🏻 You can’t give from an empty cup

My spouse is supposed to meet my needs/make me happy…😟 👉🏻 No one can make you happy or meet your needs but you

I just wish my kid didn’t have to go through “this” hard thing…😟 👉🏻 You don’t want them to learn and grow

If “Person” would just be different in “This Way” things would be better…😟 👉🏻 Someone else changing won’t make things better, you’ll just find something else to complain about

Why can’t they just see this way is better…😟 👉🏻 Maybe your wrong

When we live our lives in a way that aligns with who we want to be, it improves our mind, body, and spirit

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