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It Wasn’t Until I Was 30

Up until I was 30, I questioned what the purpose of life was

It seemed up to that point, that it was filled with unfairness, heaviness, death and pain, I would even go as far as to say full of evil

I had suffered so much and never really experienced a lot of good or Joy in my life

I had had moments of happiness, there were a few experiences that had brought joy to my life

But life was still hard, overwhelming, and seemed to have no real purpose

Then after my divorce and hitting rock bottom again, I found #Jesus

Through Jesus Christ and His Gospel, I found meaning in life, I found purpose in life

The burdens I carried became lighter because He carried them with me

The unfairness was swept away in His Atonement

The pain was healed through Him and His sacrifice

The heaviness and evil was changed to light by His love

#BecauseOfHim I have found pure Joy that is Eternal and Never leaves

“Come Unto Christ and He Will Give You Rest”

Happy Holy Week

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