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If I Would Have Waited…

Have you set new goals for the year or been working towards something long-term? 

Most people set goals in hopes to achieve something, but unconsciously what they really desire is to Feel a certain way 

I want to tell you now…you are capable of feeling whatever emotion you are working toward with your goal Now!! 

In this moment right now, it is possible for you to feel that “excitement” “accomplishment” “happy” “relief” “pride” “joy” Right Now

Completing the goal doesn’t create how we feel… 

What we Think after we complete the goal is what makes us Feel 

For 2 years, I worked towards running my first marathon 

If I would have waited until I finished the marathon before feeling pride or accomplished it would have sucked all along the way 

BUT instead… 

The whole time I talked about and lived like I was already a marathoner 

I enjoyed that feeling of pride and accomplishment for 2 whole years 

You too can experience whatever feeling you are chasing, Now  

Just start thinking the thought you think you will think after you complete it, Now 

Live into that feeling, Now 

Not only will you complete the goal, but you will get to feel it all along the way 

Get my 5 Step Process to Start Loving Your Life 

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