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I Am Failing

I am Failing 

How often do you hear yourself say that? 

It may start out in one small area of our life

But little by little, we tell ourselves over and over 

I am failing 

And you know what… 

The more we tell ourselves 

The more it becomes a reality 

It’s a self fulfilling prophecy 

When your brain hears repeated statements from you, it goes to work looking for all the evidence to support it 

It filters out or down plays anything that would go against your narrative 

Our brains are so sneaky 

Our brain thinks it’s being helpful

It doesn’t realize the damage it’s doing 

Before you know it 

You go from failing at one little task 

To feeling like a failure as a mom, wife, friend, or anything you try and do 

It becomes overwhelming and heavy 

It causes us to show up in ways that aren’t helpful 

It takes away from who we really are 

It sabotages everything we do 

You are Not a failure 

You Did Not fail 

You Only fail if you stop trying 

Reframe it so your brain starts to look for other evidence 

You Are Learning

You Are Growing 

You Are Becoming 

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