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Do You Know The Impact of Ignoring Your Needs?

Do You Know the Impact of Ignoring Your Needs?

If you are anything like I used to be, you have gotten yourself in a cycle that isn’t creating the life you want 😔

I’m not even sure where it really started because it just seemed to carry from one day to the next without an opening for change 😖

I would spend all day ignoring my needs to make sure everything else that “needed” to get done, was completed and very often still go to bed with the “To-Do” list not getting smaller 😳

I would stay up late scrolling social media or watching TV because I just needed some “quiet adult” time without the interruption of screaming little ones 🤪 (but this wasn’t helping me and wasn’t feeding my soul)

Because then I would sleep in to the very last minute causing myself to feel rushed and yelling at everyone to get ready 😤 (not the mom I wanted to be)

I would reach for the caffeine and sugar to help me get through the day (and the wine at night), trying to deal with the feelings of being stressed and overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. I felt like crap 😫

It seemed like my life was just happening to me and I had no choice in the matter 😔 I hated it

Thankfully all of that was just a story I was telling myself and None of it was true! I had complete control over my life and my feelings 🥰

As a Life Coach, I am trained to look for those tricky thoughts and help you separate the facts from your story, so we can take a look at what is happening for you 😊

You can create whatever life you want, and I would be honored to create it with you 😘

Click on the link in my bio and request your Free Consult OR Sign-Up for my 6 Week Course for Tired Moms on How to Stop Ignoring Yourself and Stop Resenting Your Family 😃

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