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Allow Space For Your Experience

Can you allow space and accept your own experience of Motherhood?

Being a Mom can provide so much guilt for how we experience it

We compare ourselves to other moms and think we are doing it wrong…we should be having a different experience

But that simply isn’t true

Some of us are miserable during pregnancy and others thrive

Some of us love the infant phase and others can’t function on the lack of sleep

Some of us love our sassy toddlers and others want to kill them (not literally, just figuratively )

Some of us enjoy being in the home full-time with the kids and others can’t wait to get to the office and have adult conversation

There is NO Right or Wrong way to experience being a Mom

Stop shaming or guilting yourself for not feeling the way you think you “should” feel

When you start accepting and allowing where you actually are at in your Motherhood, it all becomes more enjoyable

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