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A Goal Doesn't Define Your Worth

A goal is not set and accomplished to prove our worth

A goal is there to give us focus, purpose, to learn and grow

If you feel rushed to get to your goal, you are focused on the wrong thing

When we tie up our worth in whether we accomplish a goal or not, it creates pain

When we create pain because we aren’t where we want to be “yet”, we have to realize that pain will still be there when we get “there”

Instead of trying to “Action” our way to how we want to Feel about ourselves, how about we try just feeling that way about ourselves Now!

There are other milestones we can focus on to measure if we are getting where we want to be…it doesn’t have to be we are “there” or not, it’s a process

As a Life Coach, I am trained to help you look at your current beliefs and find the thoughts that are keeping you stuck

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